Company Registration

A company registration procedure needs some fee (rajaswa) to be paid along with the amount of time required for the registration process. The registration fee differs for a private company and a public company. There is certain distinction between a private and a public company.

The registration of company in Nepal is governed by the Companies Act 2006 (2063) (“Companies Act”) . The Office of Company Registrar (“OCR”) is the competent authority to govern the company registration. 

Types of companies under Companies Act

1.1   Under the Companies Act, the following types of companies can be registered:

a) Private company;
b) Public company; and
c) Profit not distributing company


1. Procedure of Registration of Company:

The following provides the steps for registration of a company:

  Step 1:

Reservation of company name at the OCR

  Step 2:

Submission of physical copy of documents at OCR

  Step 3:

Examination of submitted documents by OCR

  Step 4:

Issuance of company registration certificate BY OCR

  Step 5:

Tax Registration (VAT/PAN) at the Inland Revenue Office 

2. Time required for registration:

Total time required for registration of  a new company is 7 to 10 days.

3. Documents required for registration of Company:

Following are the documents required for the company registration:

  S.N. Documents Number of Copies
  1.Application for registration1  set original
  2. Memorandum of association and articles of association of the proposed company2 sets original each
  3.Citizenship certificate in case of Nepalese promoter / passport  in case of foreign promoter1 copy
  4.Shareholder’s agreement ( if any)1 copy
  5.Copy of certificate of registration and other registration documents (memorandum of association, articles of association) if the shareholder is company.1 copy
  6. Corporate resolution of the shareholder if the shareholder is a company1 copy
  7.Copy of prior approval of the DOI  in case the shareholder is a foreign investor

1 copy

This is the list for an individual who has Nepali nationality and is willing to open a private limited company. Please make a note that the following list may be modified in near future:-

• Up to NPR 100,000 (authorized capital): NRS 1,000.
• NRS 100,001 to NRS 500,000: NRS 4,500.
• NRS 500,001 to NRS 2,500,000: NRS 9,500.
• NRS 2,500,001 to NRS 10,000,000: NRS 16,000.
• NRS 10,000,001 to NRS 20,000,000: NRS 19,000.
• NRS 20,000,001 to NRS 30,000,000: NRS 22,000.
• NRS 30,000,001 to NRS 40,000,000: NRS 25,000.
• NRS 40,000,001 to NRS 50,000,000: NRS 28,000.
• NRS 50,000,001 to NRS 60,000,000: NRS 31,000.
• NRS 60,000,001 to NRS 70,000,000: NRS 34,000.
• NRS 70,000,001 to NRS 80,000,000: NRS 37,000.
• NRS 80,000,001 to NRS 90,000,000: NRS 40,000.
• NRS 90,000,001 to NRS 100,000,000: NRS 43,000.
• Additional than NRS 100,000,000: NRS 43,000 plus NRS 30 for all added NRS 100,000

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Detailed Information

A company can be understood as any person or organization that has a desire to do a business and has established a "private limited" or "public limited" in accordance with the Companies Act, 2063 and has a perpetual succession which is an autonomous and organized organization. The company can acquire the moveable and immoveable property, sell or can do any kind of business like a natural person, and can or can be sued in the name of the company.

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